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Goodbye, America: Roman Nosikov about the Cheka and revolution, which are going to shake the USA

I am absolutely convinced that an external interference with the U.S. presidential election of 2016, which admittedly affected the result, — did occur for real.

Injection 1: there was an election meddling

The very fact of meddling is proved by the hysterical, totally inadequate, on the verge of insanity, reaction of that strange formation which now calls itself the American establishment, but is in fact the excessive mold on the well-being and hegemony achieved by completely different people.

Yet saying that it were Russians who did it, is not so much stretching the truth, it is more like making a clumsy joke. Because the country behind that meddling is indeed replete with "Russians". As Vladimir Vysotsky used to sing: "A quarter of our people."

What other country could desire the defeat for Hillary Clinton?

Which country suffered most from the policies of Barack Obama, who for the first time in the history of U.S. relations with Israel, said that now his best friend in the Middle East was the radical Islam?

Which country should feel endangered in the event of the democratic candidate coming to power in the United States, the continuation of the "Arab Spring" and, along with that, — the implementation of the Iran nuclear deal?

What other country has so powerful a lobby in the US that can really influence the internal politics of the States, and even the outcome of the election?

But the blame is, of course, on the Russian hackers. Who else?

First, because it is rational to tap out the rage of the clan onto a convenient enemy, to promote anti-Russian unity and solidarity. Second, one would otherwise have to voice out the forbidden formula of "Jewish conspiracy", that is, immediately to deprive oneself of respectability, divide the American society and start an open clan war, leading eventually to a certain scale of ethno-religious violence. Which would effectively mean to play the gays off against the Jews. As for those who are both clever and handsome, the situation becomes totally unclear.

Injection 2: the "establishment" will not accept

Donald Trump eventually met with our President. The results of the summit triggered completely opposite reactions in Russia and in the United States. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov described the outcome of the talks as "better than super". In the US Trump was accused of treason.

Former Director of the CIA, John Brennan stated: "It was nothing short of treasonous... He is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???"

The Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan said: "The president must appreciate that Russia is not our ally. There is no moral equivalence between the United States and Russia."

However, not everyone is panicing. Here is an interesting person — Lilia Shevtsova, a hereditary Soviet intellectual, elitist, a political scientist, who has gone a serious way from the Academy of Social Sciences of the Communist Party Central Committee to the position of a lead researcher in the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London (with professorial posts at Berkeley, Georgetown, Carnegie, etc. in the background). She writes:

"The circus is leaving. The lights are out. <...> The hopes of some that the "Tramp–Putin" summit will lead to detente, are unlikely to materialize. The fears of others that Trump will sell everything to Putin, are not justified either. The American establishment is going to disavow all the gestures of the President that do not fit into the hard line against Russia. Just like it had done so far. How then should we evaluate the promises of the leaders to start to "regain the confidence" that they have laid out in the Helsinki final press conference? With a healthy skepticism and irony... So God bless America! PS. Oh yeah, the summit in Helsinki. Forget about it."

Professor Shevtsova must be a smart and a competent lady. She knows what she's talking about. And if she openly says that there is nothing to worry about, because the USA is not a democracy where the decisions would be taken by the elected President, but an oligarchy where the decisions are made by the "establishment", I have no reason whatsoever to disbelieve her.

So we have a conflict between: a) the President, elected by the conservative part of the American people and the Israeli lobby, despite the "establishment", and b) the American oligarchy.

What can this lead to?

Israel is not likely to sacrifice its interests. The social crisis of the middle class and the "rust belt" problems are not going anywhere either. And the "establishment", as we have just been said, will not subdue.

So what is going to happen?

First, we need to see what kind of resources and methods the establishment has at hand.

The impeachment? Possibly. Perhaps following this scenario the FBI have just arrested a Russian citizen Maria Butina.

She was charged with lobbying of the Russian interests without being registered as a foreign agent. The act of lobbying was in the form of making acquaintances and saying that the US and Russia should be friends. In addition, she worked as an assistant to a former Russian Senator Alexander Torshin — a life member of the American rifle Association, which, in turn, supports Trump.

Here it is, the relationship between Putin and his agent Donald!

But under the Constitution of the United States the impeachment procedure is strict and quite specific, more like a court in session, with adversarial parties, publicity and lawyers. Should the procedure be duly followed, not only the lack of evidence will be obvious, — there is a huge chance that Trump will use the proceedings as a tribune to denounce the "establishment". This can never be allowed.

Therefore, the "establishment" will not follow the American Constitution, instead they will act in the same way as they have been doing so far against their opponents in other countries. First, the method of creating quasi-legitimate emergency bodies such as the commission for the investigation of the MH17 crash, created in violation of the Chicago Convention, or the McLaren Commission, which substitutes the international Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne. And secondly, the method of color revolutions.

Will these methods, when applied inside the US, destroy American democracy? Sure. Is the "establishment" afraid of it? Not at all. If they learned to deceive themselves by calling the Ukrainian regime a "democracy", why should they make exception for themselves and engage in honest self-reflection? If they learned to call jihadists - "fighters against tyranny", why do they have to call themselves the true names?

The overthrow of Donald Trump with the help of the above methods will result in "the open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, most chauvinistic and most imperialist elements of finance capital" — that is, national socialism of the exceptional American nation in the form of a thousand-year liberal Reich with Promoting Freedom assault groups, Gaystapo security police and so on.

And this is no joke. Because the fighting minorities are the support, the target audience and the extras for the "establishment". They will bring those to the streets, will rule on their behalf, will legitimize the inevitable repressions in their name.

Quite naturally, this is not going to be admired by the conservative states, the "rust belt" and the armed white conservatives (they are now tolerantly addressed as the nazi cisgender supremacists) — who are the basis of the Army, Navy, police and the FBI.

Therefore chances abound of the start of separatism and a new civil war in the United States.

Recovery options

Something to counter this? Only preventive measures will work I believe. Trump must immediately suppress the wigged out "establishment" who presumes way too far.

Paradoxically only Russia can help the White House with it. Only Russia is able to provide Trump with the evidence of Clinton's and Obama's complicity in the creation of the "Islamic state" (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). Only Russia can give Trump a dossier on the involvement of Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland in setting up the right coup in Ukraine.

Thus, to protect America, Trump will really have to negotiate with Russia.

That's why they now want to interrogate Trump's interpreter.

That's why they are so terrified.
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